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  1. This section will deal with alternative solutions concerning the system of finance and accounting, which plays a key role in ensuring proper financial circulation within the firm. It would seem to be one of the decision-making spheres which can be put off for later. In reality, however, the bases of the firm’s financial system must be determined before the start-up of the business.
  2. Many misunderstandings have accumulated around the financial and accounting system and its function in a small business. In the Polish small business environment, it is a common belief that if it were not for tax requirements, accounting in the firm would not be necessary. This opinion is simply wrong. Firstly, information from the accounting system, in the form of periodical reports and financial statements, is a valuable tool in day-to-day business management. Secondly, in key relations with third parties, i.e. banks, trade partners or key clients, financial statements are a necessary component of the firm’s image, which cannot be replaced by a colorful prospectus or attractive website.
  3. According to a prevailing view demonstrated in the small business environment, the owner should know his or her firm by heart and does not need support in the form of accounting data. Lack of habits and skills for using financial data in firm management is typically connected with a strong conviction about superiority of intuition of the owner, who stays on top of the business. Perhaps such a view could hold water in the case of ventures run on a minimal scale. With a larger scale, this is not realistic. It is therefore important for owners to develop a habit of using financial data in day-to-day management from the very beginning of the firm’s operations.
  4. At the preparation stage for start-up and the first phase of the new venture’s operation, key issues which need to be resolved concern: firstly, organization of the accounting system in the firm; secondly, use of financial information in firm management; and thirdly, ways of minimizing the tax expense. The above issues will be analyzed in more detail in subsequent sections.
  5. Beginner entrepreneurs, particularly those without a degree in economics or business administration, frequently fear finance and accounting as the proverbial closed book to non-professionals. Meanwhile, the accounting and finance system is based on simple, logical rules. Like in every field, more complicated issues can occur; however, the basic principles can be mastered by anyone. If only one makes some effort and sets aside prejudice, it will definitely prove worthwhile.

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