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PROJECT „International Entrepreneurship in Poland"
Project leader: Prof.  Jerzy Cieslik
Project financed from a research grant of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Period: X. 2007 – IX. 2009.

The purpose of the Project is to investigate particular characteristics of the international entrepreneurship in Poland in the transition environment - a radical shift from the communist type to the market economy after 1989.

During the initial phase a large micro data set on approx. 60,000 Polish firms active in export operations from 1993 onwards had been compiled. Based on that a longitudinal analysis is being carried out with the aim of identify general trends and patterns. At the later stage, quantitative analysis will be supplemented by conducting questionnaire surveys, case studies, etc.

EIBA Dec 2008 Presentation
Prezentacja PowerPoint
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Project: „High-growth firms in Poland"
Project leader: Prof. Jerzy Cieslik 
Period: 2007 - 2008

This is a pilot project aimed at determining the role of high-growth firms in the Polish manufacturing sector and testing the measurement conventions and tools put forward jointly by OECD and Eurostat within the  Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme. The Project is being carried out in cooperation with the Central Statistical Office of Poland. Initial results have been presented by prof. Jerzy Cieslik during the Workshop on the Measurement of High-Growth Enterprises, Paris 19 November 2007.