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Teaching Independence

The Leon Koźmiński Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw was officially launched in 1 993, when the establishment was entered into the register of non-public schools of higher education. Its dynamic growth has brought a wider educational offer targeting an ever increasing number of students as well as the extension of its  academic  base. As the only tertiary-level school in Central and Eastern Europe, the school holds  the most prestigious European accreditation EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) awarded as a result of a long-term and comprehensive evaluation by the European Foundation for Management  Development based in Brussels. Newest successes include high placement on ranking lists announced this year by 'Rzeczpospolita' and 'Perspektywy', 'Wprost', 'Polityka', 'Gazeta Finansowa' and 'Home & Market'. On such ranking lists published by 'Rzeczpospolita' and 'Perspektywy' the school has been number one among non-public schools of higher education offering Masters studies for a number of years. And the other top-ten competitors are still a healthy distance behind the Koźmiński.

The school is a guarantee of not  just excellent theoretical education, but also initiatives assisting its students in making theory practice. The project entitled  'How to start your own business: a training and advisory programme for students', supervised by Dr Jerzy Cieślik, was developed for students pursuing education at universities of Mazowieckie Voivodship. It was designed particularly for those who are highly motivated to launch their own ambitious business enterprises, based on the knowledge and experience gained during university study. As many as 163 candidates enrolled to participate in the project. After the recruitment procedure 120 students from 32 universities were qualified. From March to June 2006, they received intensive training in starting their own businesses, a stage completed successfully by 61 persons. During the ten months that followed, i.e. from July 2006 to April 2007, the participants received comprehensive advisory assistance in how to run their own businesses. With this expertise Jeremi Nagrabecki's 'Velt' Lamp Gallery and the 'Young Infant Centre' nursery.