Dynamic Business Club


Dynamic Business Club

The Dynamic Business Club brings together those participants of the Program who completed the training stage with a positive grade and started their own business. The Club provides assistance and advice which is of crucial importance in the initial stages of the difficult launching stage of a business. Advisory support consists in the following three forms:
a) Monthly meetings to discuss the current experiences and problems encountered by Club members in their respective businesses;

b) Advice given by Trainers via the Dynamic Business Club forum;
c) Individual meetings with a Trainer.

At the same time Club members are given the opportunity to share their experiences on the DBC Internet Forum where they can network and establish business relationships.

The DBC activity – as part of the "How to start your own business – a training and advisory program for students” is a pilot project aimed at establishing a greater platform for the exchange of experiences pertaining to the launching and running of dynamic, innovative knowledge-based enterprises.