Dynamic Business Club

Formal requirements for participants:

· status of a student at a higher education institution;
· permanent or temporary residence in the Mazowieckie Voivodship;
· persons who were business owners and conducted economic activity after January 1 2004 are excluded from the Program.
    Students from all universities, not only schools of Economics and Business traditionally associated with potential entrepreneurs, may apply to the Program. We believe that a fruitful exchange of ideas and cooperation of representatives of various departments will trigger creativity, energy and initiative. The missing knowledge in the field of Economics and Finance will be provided in the training stage.

    We would like to encourage particularly female students to take part in the Program. The example of many countries demonstrates that women may and indeed do achieve success in business. Our objective is to ensure that the share of female students among participants is not less than 40%.

    We are looking for highly motivated people, who are not afraid of commitment and are ready to devote quite an amount of time and effort to achieve the desired goal. They must also be disciplined and capable of working under an intensive schedule. Workshops, to be run as per Schedule bookmark, are obligatory for participants. It is expected that participants shall do all the required follow-up self-study in order to be well prepared for the following class and to take an active part in discussions and group work.

    The key indicator of the Program’s success will be the number of well planned and actually launched ventures within the implementation stage (by 30 April 2007). In view of this we await primarily applicants with a clear idea and plan of action as regards a business and at the same time being final-year students with the capacity of getting fully involved in the planning and launching of a venture (individually or in a team).

    The Program will extensively use electronic resources and participants ought to have daily Internet access and be acquainted with the application of web-based tools.

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