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Dynamic entrepreneurship. How to start your own business is a modern textbook (guidebook) addressed primarily to young and educated people for whom the setting up of a new dynamic business translates into an entry onto a promising professional path and a good and interesting future.

The book focuses on the process of launching a business and discusses the related activities and problems, rules and principles of conduct as well as the decisions to be made by new businesspeople. The entire cycle of the birth of a new enterprise is presented in the book including the initial stage of generating ideas, through their analysis and verification, development of a business concept to the registration of a company and taking it through the hardest time of start-up. The book is rooted in contemporary Polish reality and the particular issues discussed are illustrated with numerous examples of ambitious ventures undertaken in Poland over the past several years. The practical tips and course of conduct reviewed in the publication stem from my many-year experience in my own company and economic consultancy business.

The materials published in the book will be most useful to readers who intend to set up their own business. It was with them in mind that tools and formats permitting the step-by-step development of the concept of one’s own venture were developed permitting businesses to adopt a given execution methodology. In the section addressed to instructors, supplementary materials and tools assisting providing invaluable assistance in the teaching process have been made available.